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Unipulse is a sensor manufacturer.


We manufacture sensors such as loadcells and torque meters using our high-accuracy strain gauges. Our weighing indicators are widely used for auto-weighing machines such as Dosing machines, Filling machines, Packer scale, Hopper scale, Weigh bridges, Belt weighers and so on.
Rotating torque sensor is a newly developed hit-item. It is used to test rotational parts such as motors and engines.
Above mentioned Weighing indicators, Force indicators, Loadcells and Torque meters make up the majority of our sales.
In addition, Unipulse has CMS (Cart management system) business as well.
CMS (Car management system) is a sorting system used for logistics, our technology is leveraged for a cart which has an accurate weight scale.
Our CMS enables speedy and accurate sorting by giving appropriate instructions to operators via wireless LAN.
Direct selling (without depending on trading companies) is our primary sales approach to be a close partner for our customers.
We also cover oversea market with sales office located in key countries, providing repair services and so on.
To supply and develop our new products, “UNISERVO (Geared servo motor with output torque control)” and “MoonLifter (Electric balancer)”, ROBOTEC Inc. was established.