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Our torque sensors are used to detect torque applied to rotating shafts, mainly used for testing motors, engines, and other rotary components. Those are available in wide capacity ranges from 0.05Nm to 10000Nm, and we have drip-proof type as well. We also offer various instruments for monitoring torques, including (but not limited to) a USB interface for PC connection, digital indicators to monitor torque, rotation speed, and power simultaneously, and a power and energy monitor for motor test benches.


・ Slip-ring-less = maintenance-free. rotating torque meter

・ Analogue bandwidth 1kHz with high speed sampling rate of 6kHz.

・ Measurement range 0.05Nm,0.1Nm,0.2Nm,0.5Nm,1Nm,2Nm,5Nm,10Nm,20Nm,50Nm,100Nm,200Nm,500Nm,1000Nm,2000Nm,5000Nm,10000Nm

・ Noise immunity has been greatly improved.






・ Ideal torque meter for torque monitoring of screwdriving machines and power tools such as nutrunners

・ Prevent damage due to insufficient or excessive tightening

・ Torque monitoring : UTMⅡ(W), Torque+Angle monitoring : UTMⅡ(WR)

・ Capacity: 100Nm or 500Nm






・With the protection against rain and seawater, it can be used outside for wind and water turbine and so on.

・Capacity type: 0.1,0.5,1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000Nm type will be available in near future)

・ Analogue bandwidth 1kHz with high speed sampling rate of 6kHz.

・ Safe overload: 500%







・ Couplings for UTMⅡ/UTMV

・ Connecting to external shafts accurately

・ Preventing rotational resonance, and improving accuracy of torque measurement (rubber type)








・ Torque monitor for UTMⅡ/UTMV.

・ Display the curves of torque, rotation speed, and power.

・ Operation power can be supplied to the UTMⅡ/UTMV (and to the optional rotary encoder as well).

・ Enable the cogging torque measurement with UTMII/UTMV.

・ Easy connection to UTMⅡ/UTMV with one cable.






* Torque monitor for UTMⅡ/UTMV

* Suitable for low-speed rotation and direct-acting applications.

* Data are recorded on SD cards.

* Operation power source can be supplied to the UTMⅡ/UTMV. (also to an optional rotary encoder)

* Easy connection to UTMⅡ/UTMV with one cable.





* Torque monitor for UTMⅡ/UTMV.

* With the built-in battery, it can be operated even without power source.

* Ideal for use with UTMⅡ (square shaft) series with the high-speed sampling at 20kS/s.

* Operation power can be supplied to the UTMⅡ/UTMV(and also to an optional rotary encoder).

* Easy connection to UTMⅡ/UTMV with one cable.





* Torque monitor specialized for UTMⅡ/UTMV

* Torque, rotation speed and power are displayed simultaneously

* Hold function (Sample, Peak, Valley, P-P, Average)

* Upper/lower comparators function ((ALM HI, HI, OK, LO, ALM LO)

* Data storage function

* Easy connection to UTMⅡ/UTMV with one cable




* Variations of torque, rpm, and power can be monitored and saved on PC.

* Maximum, minimum, and average value can be displayed.

* Measurement (numeric) data is automatically saved in CSV format.

* The unit supplies operation power to UTMⅡ/UTMV.

* Two cables are attached: one for UTMⅡ/UTMVand the other for PC.