Dobot's Trailblazing Journey to Automate Show 2024: Unveiling the One-Stop Palletizing Solution and Welding Solution

Experience the Future of Cobots with Dobot at Automate 2024!

Get ready to witness the next evolution in cobot technology with Dobot at Automate 2024! Join us from Booth 436, May 6–9, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, for an immersive experience showcasing the latest innovations in collaborative robotics.


What to Expect?

Not only Product Demo, this time Dobot comes with 3 Amazing Salons and 

Product Demo

As a leading player in the cobot industry, Dobot is proud to present a diverse range of cutting-edge products and solutions at Automate 2024, including:
Visit our booth at Automate 2024, Booth 436, to explore these fantastic products in action and learn how they can revolutionize your operations.

Salons Schedule

Don't miss our exclusive product salons for CRA, Welding, Palletizing by our sales and engineering team. 

Automate Innovation Speaking Slot

In addition to our booth presence, Dobot will be participating in AUTOMATE INNOVATION STAGE 2024 SPEAKING SLOT hosted by Automate.
Join us as we explore the cutting-edge SafeSkin technology and its impact on breaking barriers in collaborative robotics safety. 

Ready to Take Your Automation Journey to the Next Level?

Meet us at Automate 2024, booth 436 to experience the future of cobots!
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29 Apr 2024