New "High-speed encoder option"

Recently, with the shift to EVs in the automotive industry, there is a growing need for torque measurement of motors.

Motors are rotated at various speeds, through measuring torque and rotation speed, their performance can be evaluated.


The rotary encoder option (rotational output pulses 3,600 ppr, max. rotation speed 5,000 rpm), which is ideal for motor testing, is now available in a new high-speed type that can handle speeds up to 25,000 rpm!


Torque and angle can be accurately measured at both high and low rotation speeds.




New "High-speed encoder option"

  • Rotational output pulses ranges from 360 ppr to 1,080 ppr
  • Max. measurable rotation speed is 25,000 rpm

High-speed rotary encoder option will expand its’ measurement range to ~10,000 Nm (pulse output 2,880 ppr).

The upper limit of the measurable rotation speed (for the measurement range from 0.05 to 10 Nm) can be raised up to 40,000 rpm. 


UTMIII has also increased resistance to radial and thrust loads!


The UTM series has achieved an accuracy of 0.03% FS, max. rotation speed of 40,000 rpm, and safe overload of 500%, and is sold over 30,000 units worldwide! The UTM series has become the standard for rotary encoder option, there are also drip & rust proof type, square drive type, and key groove type available. We have an extensive lineup of specifications to suit your needs.


The latest model “UTMIII” has digital output (RS-485), in addition to ±10V output. It is less susceptible to noise.


Furthermore, the influences that radial & thrust loads and centrifugal force exert on effective accuracy were dramatically reduced. The torque measurement will be stable even at high rotation speeds.

18 Dec 2023