UNIPULSE. Rotating torque meter UTMIII [Dual Range] is newly released !

A torque meter is utilized for tests and performance evaluations of a motor, a steering, a mixer, a lever, a hinge and more.

Are you struggling with these problems when building a torque measurement equipment? 



Want to combine torque measurement equipment into one

Want to save time to swap torque meters based on a size of torque to be measured

The dual range of the rotating torque meter UTMIII is the solution


  • 2 ranges — large and small — can be measured with one torque meter
  • No need to replace torque meter; takt time can be shortened
  • Measure small torque with high resolution by switching ranges (Resolution: 1/10000)
  • Less likely to get overloaded even with low capacity (With first range: 500%; with second range: 10000%*)

* This is a result that can be acquired in situations where a certain amount of filters are applied during a measurement.


For the lineup, 2Nm, 5Nm and 10Nm are available.


14 Mar 2024