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MEISTER Worm Gearbox

Woojin Servo System,MEISTER have been producing AC INDUCTION motors & Gearbox for over 20 years and developed organic relationship with various base industry related experts. They are doing the best to be a partner of business that can make high pruductivities.
Woojin Servo System currently supplies gearbox to various industrial fields, and it is closely connected with companies such as financial instruments, medical devices, FA, OA, etc. to produce better products and optimum motors & gearbox for all segments.


APEX Dynamics, Inc., founded in 1987, started up with the production of take-out robots for plastics injection molding machines. Having established reputation in the robot industry, APEX took step into the technology of high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors which meets the advancement of the industry.

Driven by the innovation spirit, APEX keeps improving the product quality, optimizing the manufacture procedure, increasing the productivity, to provide best product and best service to different industrial requirements. 

APEX has also been aggressively investing manpower and resources to develop new products and further expand global sales network. Guiding by sustainable management concept, APEX keeps promoting brand image and is stepping forward to a worldwide leading company.