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FESTO is more than a manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions, Pneumatic and electric automation products from actuators to servo motors to sensors and valves.
FESTO automation technology and technical educational solutions to more than 35 industries.
iMS Authotized Distributor of FESTO in Malaysia.

The below are commone model for domestic market.
Product group Part Number Description
Fitting 153005 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-8
Fitting 153003 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-6
Fitting 153010 Push-in fitting QS-1/2-12
Fitting 153002 Push-in fitting QS-1/8-6
Fitting 190646 Push-in fitting QS-1/2-10
Fitting 153008 Push-in fitting QS-3/8-10
Fitting 153007 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-10
Fitting 153004 Push-in fitting QS-1/8-8
Fitting 153006 Push-in fitting QS-3/8-8
Fitting 153011 Push-in fitting QS-1/2-16
Fitting 130778 Push-in fitting QSM-M5-4-100
Fitting 130771 Push-in L-fit  QSML-M5-4-100
Fitting 130779 Push-in fitting QSM-M5-6-100
Fitting 130772 Push-in L-fit  QSML-M5-6-100
Fitting 130728 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/8-4-100
Fitting 130729 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/8-6-100
Fitting 130730 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/8-8-50
Fitting 130731 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/4-6-100
Fitting 130732 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/4-8-50
Fitting 130733 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/4-10-50
Fitting 130735 Push-in L-fit  QSL-3/8-8-50
Fitting 130736 Push-in L-fit  QSL-3/8-10-20
Fitting 130737 Push-in L-fit  QSL-3/8-12-20
Fitting 133192 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/2-10-50
Fitting 130738 Push-in L-fit  QSL-1/2-12-20
Fitting 130686 P/in connector QS-4-100
Fitting 130687 P/in connector QS-6-100
Fitting 130688 P/in connector QS-8-50
Fitting 130689 P/in connector QS-10-50
Fitting 130690 P/in connector QS-12-20
Fitting 133195 P/in connector QS-16-20
Fitting 130691 P/in connector QS-6-4-100
Fitting 130692 P/in connector QS-8-6-50
Fitting 130693 P/in connector QS-10-8-50
Fitting 130694 P/in connector QS-12-10-20
Fitting 130740 Push-in L-conn. QSL-4-100
Fitting 130741 Push-in L-conn. QSL-6-100
Fitting 130742 Push-in L-conn. QSL-8-50
Fitting 130743 Push-in L-conn. QSL-10-50
Fitting 130744 Push-in L-conn. QSL-12-20
Fitting 130807 P/in Y-connect. QSY-4-100
Fitting 130808 P/in Y-connect. QSY-6-100
Fitting 130809 P/in Y-connect. QSY-8-50
Fitting 130810 P/in Y-connect. QSY-10-20
Fitting 130811 P/in Y-connect. QSY-12-20
Fitting 130802 Push-in t-conn. QST-4-100
Fitting 130803 Push-in t-conn. QST-6-100
Fitting 130804 Push-in t-conn. QST-8-50
Fitting 130805 Push-in t-conn. QST-10-50
Fitting 130806 Push-in t-conn. QST-12-20
Fitting 130678 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-8-50
Fitting 130677 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-6-100
Fitting 130684 Push-in fitting QS-1/2-12-20
Fitting 130675 Push-in fitting QS-1/8-6-100
Fitting 133189 Push-in fitting QS-1/2-10-50
Fitting 130682 Push-in fitting QS-3/8-10-50
Fitting 130679 Push-in fitting QS-1/4-10-50
Fitting 130676 Push-in fitting QS-1/8-8-50
Fitting 130681 Push-in fitting QS-3/8-8-50
Fitting 130683 Push-in fitting QS-3/8-12-20
Fitting 130674 Push-in fitting QS-1/8-4-100
Flow Control 534339 1-way contr.val GRLA-1/4-QS-8-RS-D
Flow Control 534338 1-way contr.val GRLA-1/4-QS-6-RS-D
Flow Control 197581 1-way contr.val GRLA-1/8-QS-6-RS-D
Flow Control 534337 1-way contr.val GRLA-1/8-QS-8-RS-D
Silencer 1205860 Silencer     AMTE-M-LH-G18
Silencer 1205862 Silencer     AMTE-M-LH-G38
Silencer 1205861 Silencer     AMTE-M-LH-G14
Silencer 1206622 Silencer     AMTE-M-H-G18
Product group   Description
Tubing 8048691 Plastic tubing PUN-H-8X1,25-TBL
Tubing 8048693 Plastic tubing PUN-H-8X1,25-TSW
Tubing 197378 Plastic tubing PUN-H-8X1,25-NT
Tubing 197385 Plastic tubing PUN-H-8X1,25-BL
Tubing 197392 Plastic tubing PUN-H-8X1,25-SW
Tubing 8048711 Plastic tubing PUN-H-12X2-TBL
Tubing 8048713 Plastic tubing PUN-H-12X2-TSW
Tubing 197387 Plastic tubing PUN-H-12X2-BL
Tubing 197380 Plastic tubing PUN-H-12X2-NT
Tubing 197394 Plastic tubing PUN-H-12X2-SW
Tubing 8048701 Plastic tubing PUN-H-10X1,5-TBL
Tubing 8048703 Plastic tubing PUN-H-10X1,5-TSW
Tubing 197386 Plastic tubing PUN-H-10X1,5-BL
Tubing 197379 Plastic tubing PUN-H-10X1,5-NT
Tubing 197393 Plastic tubing PUN-H-10X1,5-SW
Tubing 197384 Plastic tubing PUN-H-6X1-BL
Tubing 197391 Plastic tubing PUN-H-6X1-SW
Tubing 8048681 Plastic tubing PUN-H-6X1-TBL
Tubing 8048683 Plastic tubing PUN-H-6X1-TSW
Tubing 197377 Plastic tubing PUN-H-6X1-NT
Tubing 197383 Plastic tubing PUN-H-4X0,75-BL
Tubing 8048671 Plastic tubing PUN-H-4X0,75-TBL
Tubing 8048673 Plastic tubing PUN-H-4X0,75-TSW
Tubing 197376 Plastic tubing PUN-H-4X0,75-NT
Tubing 197390 Plastic tubing PUN-H-4X0,75-SW
Proximitry sensor 543872 Prox. sensor  SME-8M-ZS-24V-K-2,5-OE
Proximitry sensor 543862 Prox. sensor  SME-8M-DS-24V-K-2,5-OE
Proximitry sensor 150855 Prox. sensor  SME-8-K-LED-24
Proximitry sensor 543861 Prox. sensor  SME-8M-DS-24V-K-0,3-M8D
Service unit 529993 MS6-LR-1/2-D7-AS
Service unit 529419 Press regulator MS4-LR-1/4-D7-AS
Service unit 529156 filt. regulator MS4-LFR-1/4-D7-ERM-AS
Service unit 529158 filt. regulator MS4-LFR-1/4-D7-ERV-AS
Service unit 529188 filt. regulator MS6-LFR-1/2-D7-ERM-AS
Service unit 529190 filt. regulator MS6-LFR-1/2-D7-ERV-AS
Service unit 531117 Service combin. MSB4-1/4-FRC5:J1M1
Service unit 530244 Service combin. MSB6-1/2-FRC5:J1M1
Valve 575509 Solenoid valve VUVS-L25-M52-MD-G14-F8
Valve 575503 Solenoid valve VUVS-L25-M52-AD-G14-F8-&
Valve 575518 Solenoid valve VUVS-L25-B52-D-G14-F8-1&
Valve 8043218 Solenoid valve VUVS-LK25-M52-AD-G14-1B&