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ElectroCraftFractional-Horsepower Motors and Motion Control Products
ElectroCraft, Inc. provides application-engineered specialty fractional-horsepower motor and motion control products. Under the hood, Electrocraft motion systems power critical components of some of the world's most innovative products in medical equipment, robotics, industrial automation, military, and automotive. With facilities and customers around the globe, Electrocraft provides advanced precision solutions with the highest reliability and total cost of ownership, which is why it is trusted by both the largest brands and the newest cutting edge companies.

Stepper motors are widely used in a variety of applications due to their precise control of movement, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. Here are some common applications of stepper motors:

  1. Printers and Plotters: Stepper motors are commonly used in printers and plotters for precise control of paper feed, print head movement, and other critical functions.

  2. CNC Machines: Stepper motors are widely used in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines for controlling the movement of the cutting tool or workpiece. They offer precise positioning and can move in discrete steps.

  3. 3D Printers: Stepper motors are an integral part of 3D printers, where they control the movement of the print head and build platform with high precision.

  4. Robotics: Stepper motors are used in various robotic applications for controlling joint movements, robotic arms, and other components that require precise and repeatable positioning.

  5. Medical Devices: Stepper motors find applications in medical devices such as infusion pumps, robotic surgery systems, and diagnostic equipment where accurate and controlled motion is crucial.

  6. Camera Systems: Stepper motors are used in camera systems for precise control of focus, zoom, and pan-tilt movements.

  7. Automated Test Equipment (ATE): Stepper motors are utilized in ATE for precise positioning of test probes and other components during testing processes.

  8. Textile Machinery: Stepper motors are employed in textile machinery for controlling the movement of yarn, fabric, or other materials in weaving or knitting processes.

  9. Positioning Systems: Stepper motors are commonly used in applications where accurate positioning is required, such as in linear actuators and positioning stages.

  10. Gaming and Animation: Stepper motors can be used in animatronics and gaming applications for controlling the movement of characters, objects, or other elements.

  11. Barcode Scanners: Stepper motors are used in barcode scanners for precise control of the scanning mechanism.

  12. Automotive Applications: Stepper motors find applications in automotive systems, including dashboard instruments, electronic throttle control, and automatic headlight leveling systems.

  13. Satellite Dish Positioning: Stepper motors are used in satellite dish positioning systems for accurate alignment with satellites.

  14. Pick and Place Machines: In manufacturing, stepper motors are employed in pick and place machines for precise handling and positioning of components on assembly lines.

  15. Laboratory Equipment: Stepper motors are used in various laboratory instruments and equipment for controlled movements, such as sample positioning in analytical instruments.

  16. Consumer Electronics: Stepper motors can be found in various consumer electronics, including digital cameras, disk drives, and home automation systems.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of stepper motors across a wide range of industries and applications where precise control of movement and positioning is essential. The ability of stepper motors to move in discrete steps makes them well-suited for applications requiring accuracy and repeatability.

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Stepper Motors
From ElectroCraft

The ElectroCraft TorquePower™ Stepper Motor Series has set the standard for quality, reliability, and durability in stepping motors. The precision of our TorquePower motors is matched only by the dependability of their performance. All TorquePower motors are bi-directional and totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation. Read more ▸

TorquePower™ Stepper Motor

ElectroCraft’s TorquePower (TP) line is a more expensive stepping motor that includes environmental protection for those applications where a sealed casing is needed.

TorquePower™ Plus Stepper Motor

Our TorquePower Plus (TPP) line is our highest performing and lowest cost complete line of stepping motors. They are extra-durable, made for motion-driven applications and for those special operations where you need a little more torque.

TorquePower™ Enhanced Stepper Motor

The TorquePower Enhanced (TPE) line offers increased holding torque and improved low speed performance vs our TorquePower Plus line. The TPE-Series is currently available in NEMA sizes 11, 17 and 23.